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Brainlabs.Ai's Campus on Cloud Solution - Features

A complete end-to-end solution for educational institutions to manage Academic & Career excellence


Online Classes

Start offering classes beyond traditional class room. Transform your institution in to online class, start offering your organization's expertise to the outside world also on-board industry experts to yours.

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Manage Lesson Plans

Let the faculty create lesson plan and send for approval, system will create assessment for the lesson .No learning is complete without a proper Assessment, and it should be beyond just Read & Write.

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No learning is complete without a proper Assessment, and it should be beyond just Read & write. Approaches taken to solve various problems and the initiatives taken to present solutions means a lot.

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Performance Management

Manage your student's learning, placement success as well as faculty skills at one single place and develop them constantly to become a leading institute.

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Provide more hands on learning to develop cognitive abilities & higher order thinking skills for the students all rounder growth.Beyond regular academic syllabi.

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Hands-on Learning

Join our regular activities like Workshops, Boot camps,Seminars,Webinars to be part of most happening. Our contests & events will build all rounder development in the participant.

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Career Counselling

Getting career ready in a college is excitingly new. Expose the students to experience various career paths and let them to choose their interesting career to excel.

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Clubs & Forums

Social learning is one of the key learning driver. Give the students a platform to present their solution and make learning & problem solving as part of their DNA.

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Manage Placements

Getting visibility & recognition for the students efforts during the Graduation years is critical for successful career landing. We market student's learning & problem solving skills to the corporates for best job offers.

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Expert Trainers

You are not short of expertise, Start offering online classes for your students

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Advance Skills Training

Become an extenstion center to offer the Advance Skills training for self learning students.

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Coding labs

Connect & arrange interviews for potential candidates for hire

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Features Comparison

Reasons to use our platform in comparison with the other online solution providers

Features Campus on Cloud Web Conferencing Platforms Training & e-learning Platforms Assessments & Job Board Platforms
Conduct Academic Classes
Lesson Plans
Academic Syllabus Mapping
Live Polls
Replay Recording Session
Automatic Student Attendance
Coding Labs
Future Skills Training
Industry Mentor
White label
Career Counselling
Management Reports
Placements Support
Hackathons, Contests
Bootcamps, Workshops
Projects, Internships
Faculty Development
ScoreCards, Performance Management

Enable Career oriented Academic skills

Enabling the student to know how the academic knowledge is being used in the Industry will open up more career avenues for students. From the beginning student will be working on his career goal, in a time bound fashion

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Monitor the students learning progress

Every student will strive to land any of the 3 objectives by the time they finish their academic Graduation.

  1. Getting in to a Job of his choice
  2. Become Entrepreneur
  3. Go for Higher education.

Our system will let the institute to monitor what’s the path student has chosen, how he /she is making progress towards it. If any student feels this career path is difficult they can change, mentors can guide and help them to create their profile in more authentic way.

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Stay Connected with Corporate

Corporate employers are demanding more hands-on skills from the student out of college. Also, skills in demand has become more dynamic across the world & technology innovation is at lighting speed. As the students getting skilled, corporates will access the student progress directly & send call the candidate for interview directly.

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