Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited – A One Stop Solution for the entire Students’ Learning and Development needs. We assess and predict the student’s interests, guide on what’s right, mentor on what’s next and counsel them using deep learning algorithms and expert counsellors

We created personalized learning path from 3700+ hands on learning programs across 100+ industry verticals.

Who are we?

Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited is a committed team which has understood the importance of right learning & skilling for an individual’s overall development and success. India is the youngest nation in the world and the potential the youth can contribute towards growth and happiness is immense. There is a dire need in guiding every student in the right direction with the right skill set in order to achieve the goals set.

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BrainLabs.AI steers ahead to impart every individual to hone and evolve 3 skills

  • A- Academic: Knowledge is Power, we aid in providing the right platform to deepen your knowledge in your chosen domain/spheres.
  • B- Behavioural: Be a Better Human, both inside and with the world is what we want you to build on; providing you some of the most important intra and inter-personal skills.
  • C- Career: Professional evolution needs you to be future ready, today. We curate the most important career skilling programs for your growth and success.

Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited wants to be a career development coach for every young Indian providing the needed guidance and support to take the right decisions for a successful career. It aims to confidently help a person answer “What Next?” about higher education or a career.


Every human being is employable, provided they get hands on skilling and the right mentoring. We want every individual associated with us to be successful.

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Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited emphasizes on providing hands on Learning and a Practical exposure by engaging individuals on a Digital Learning Platform giving an access to World’s Best Courses across 100+ industry verticals.

Learning is limitless and it unleashes your potential is what Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited core belief is.

Solution Driven Approach

Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited brings its core expertise of Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning to obtain deep insights of an individual’s personality through the Big 5 Personality Test.

Based on the intelligence, gaps and opportunities of learning can be identified.

Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited guides an individual to take real-time learning programs that would add skills, values and build a person in a holistic manner.

This solution driven approach adopted by Strategic Mobitech Solutions Private Limited makes it unique as it walks along the journey of an individual from the areas of opportunity to reaching the goals.