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Key Highlights

  • Options Trader
  • Master the basics of trading through support and resistance, technical patterns and indicators including moving averages, volume weighted and so much more!


This course is the most comprehensive introduction to investing for Beginners and Intermediate levels, and is suitable for people from all backgrounds. If you have between 0 and 2 years of experience in Financial markets, this course will take you up at least 3 levels higher.


  • First, the global "macro" Finance and Investment cycles and how big money is invested
  • Core investing principles and detailed study of all the market and stock terminology
  • Detailed analysis of Stocks, Investing styles, and Best Practices
  • A thorough comparison of Mutual Funds and ETFs - Pros and Cons
  • Learn about the all-important Bond Markets, Interest rates and Inflation
  • How to invest into Commodities - Gold, Oil etc
  • Study of the Spot Forex, Forex Futures and Currency ETFs
  • An advanced introduction to Futures and Options
  • 10 Live trades on Stocks,ETFs, Bonds, Gold, Euro Futures, British Pound ETF
  • Live demonstration of all concepts on a Live trading platform (Practical investing)
  • Monitoring of positions, and trade and risk management
  • The Human Element - How to avoid extreme emotional points in Investing

Learning Path

We have carefully chosen an approach to help you achieve your goals

  • 1


    1. Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners 4-in-1 Course Bundle
    2. Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing &Trading
    3. Fundamental Financial Math
  • 2


    1. Options Trading Basics (3-Course Bundle)
    2. Technical Analysis 101: Master the Basics of Trading
    3. Business Analysis Fundamentals
    4. Options Trading MasterClass: Options With Technical Analysis
  • 3


    1. Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing &Trading
    2. Guide to Stock Trading with Candlestick & Technical Analysis
    3. Stock Trading Strategies : Technical Analysis MasterClass 2
    4. Options Trading MasterClass: Options With Technical Analysis
  • 4


    1. Technical Analysis MasterClass:Trading By Technical Analysis
    2. Chart Pattern Technical Analysis for Forex & Stock Trading !
    3. CFA Level 1 (2020) - Complete Derivatives
    4. Advanced Options Concepts - Probability, Greeks, Simulation
    5. Employee Stock Options & RSUs
    6. The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course
    7. Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies
  • 5

    Personal Development

    1. [2020] Career Hacking™: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More
    2. Soft Skills: The 11 Essential Career Soft Skills

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