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Key Highlights

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Grow Your Business/Career with Digital Marketing


The course is aimed at providing you with the opportunity to enhance your people skills in a way that will truly differentiate you from the competition. We will explore different models of high quality customer service, strategies to improve your skillsets, and tactics that your customer service representatives (CSRs) can easily acquire and implement immediately. Furthermore, you will learn how to handle any complaints you receive in a totally professional manner. 

You will be introduced to the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) and will learn how it can become the vehicle that drives up your standards of service. 

The most important elements of the course include:

  • Face-to-face contact with your customers
  • The most effective use of telephone, email and CRM in the communication process
  • How to deal with difficult or angry customers
  • Liberating your front line people so that they can truly enjoy the customer experience

Learning Path

We have carefully chosen an approach to help you achieve your goals

  • 1


    1. Digital Marketing Masterclass - 23 Courses in 1
    2. Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing Masterclass 2020
    3. Facebook Marketing 2020: 1000% FB Engagement & Sales
    4. Instagram Marketing | Grow Your Audience With Instagram 2019
    5. Linkedin Marketing: B2B Sales & Lead Generation From Scratch
  • 2


    1. Social Media Marketing Masterclass - 8 Courses in 1
    2. Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done
    3. 10 Facebook Ads Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures
    4. 2020 YouTube Marketing & YouTube SEO To Get 1,000,000+ Views
    5. Become a God of Instagram Marketing Step by Step proven ways
  • 3


    1. LIVE Streaming Pro: Ultimate Course | From Beginner to Pro
    2. Online Reputation Management: Negative Business Reviews
    3. Pinterest Marketing: Using Pinterest for Business Growth
    4. Periscope: Use Periscope To Grow Your Business
    5. Snapchat Ads 101 - Build 4 Marketing Ad Campaigns
    6. Social Media Live Streaming: The Power of Video Marketing
    7. The Complete Twitter Marketing Bootcamp
    8. The Complete Facebook Retargeting Course
  • 4

    Personal Development

    1. Soft Skills: The 11 Essential Career Soft Skills
    2. [2020] Career Hacking™: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

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