.Net Core is open source technology and day by day many companies are adopting this technology to develop the software for their organizations.



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Key Highlights

  • Teaches you how to build a real-world application with ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and Angular


Throughout this course we would understand the evolution of ASP.NET Core and then we would take a look at the modified files and folder structure.

  • We would then take a look at new concepts in ASP.NET Core 2.2

  • We would build a small Razor application with CRUD operations using entity framework for integration with database.

  • We would build our Granite House website where we will learn advance topics in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.2

  • Finally we will deploy our Granite House website on Microsoft Azure and IIS.

What are the requirements?

  • 3-6 months knowledge of c#

  • Visual Studio 2017

  • SQL Server Management Studio

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn structure of ASP NET Core 2.2 Project

  • Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET Core 2.2

  • Build applications using ASP NET Core 2.2 using Razor Pages and MVC

  • Build 2 Projects throughout the course

  • Integrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to Users

  • Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations

  • Custom Tag Helpers in MVC Core 2.2

  • Learn two factor authorization and other important details of ASP.NET Core 2.2

Learning Path

We have carefully chosen an approach to help you achieve your goals

  • 1


    1. ASP.NET Web API 2 Hands-On
  • 2


    1. Advanced ASP.NET Core 3 MVC
    2. Design Patterns in C# and .NET
    3. The Complete ASP.Net Core MVC With Entity Framework Core
    4. Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide
    5. Learn C#.Net Core With Real World Examples
    6. Single-Page Application with ASP.NET & jQuery Hands-On
    7. C# in Depth: Puzzles, Gotchas, Questions at Interviews
  • 3


    1. WebServices/Rest API Testing with SoapUI +Real time Projects
    2. Asp.Net Core : The Complete Guide To Build RESTful Api's
    3. C# Developers: Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio
  • 4

    Live Projects

    1. Live Project On ASP.Net Core 2.0 MVC(Formerly ASP.Net MVC 5)
    2. ASP.Net Live Project
  • 5

    Personal Development

    1. Soft Skills: The 11 Essential Career Soft Skills
    2. [2020] Career Hacking™: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More
    3. The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Course

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