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We are a family, not a workforce.

Space International

Global services using any means of transport, with regular lines or customized projects, customs management and logistics.

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Track your item online in your account and using the handy notification system.

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Space products

BrainLabs Solutions

Brainlabs provide solutions to some of the basic questions everyone has around learning, skills, career and growth.

We understand the opportunity learning ca present in helping you win in life.

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Career Solutions

Our solutions are carefully curated to touch every stage of an individual’s career and provide the right learning path to reach desired goals

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Higher education solutions

Our learning solutions provide a student with the necessary skills in demand and knowledge to prepare for getting into the best courses and the best schools globally.

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Learning and Development Solutions

Training drives an entire organization in the right direction and can be expensive if not properly understood and implemented. Learn best L&D practices to get your people performing right

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HR Fundamentals Solutions

Enhance the existing practices of your HR by learning the best practices from the industry’s leaders and improve efficiency of your function and performance

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Leadership Development Solutions

Leaders are made and we believe every individual has the potential to be a leader. Master the aspects of Leading, Managing, Communication and Strategy.

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Professional Development Solutions

Technology Up-skilling, Financial Acumen, Office Productivity, People management etc are some of the fundamental requirements of every professional to know, improve and excel in careers.