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Brainlabs.AI integrates the future career options, possible areas of growth, roles and responsibilities with students’ current stage

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A framework for mapping Knowledge & Skills is necessary to be successful from school-through-career continuum

Explore Best Career Fit

  • We help students choose the best career path for them based on their individual personality structure. With the Career Path Report, students will see their personality traits aligned to competencies required for specific jobs.
  • With this report, students can identify best fits in regards to job, families, and career choice, as well as identify preferred work attributes, abilities, and work styles related to their unique behavioural traits.
  • Get your real resume automatically.

Gap Analysis

  • Employability eligibility check begins with a personal interview & group discussion. Academic promotion is based on awarding marks for the answers written on the answer sheet. There is a complete shift in the assessment from academic to career assessment. At BrainLabs.AI, we let you take mock-interviews, our Artificial Intelligence tools will assess the candidate like an interviewer and shares the candidate about areas of improvement. Brainlabs.AI also presents the progress a candidate made over a period of time.
  • An interview failure is equivalent to losing a job opportunity. Identify the gap, prepare in advance, hit the target with right job strategy opens the key towards career success.

Career Growth

  • Career began few years back and you are comfortable with your position. However, everything looks stalled and you are making no progress. In addition to this, there is a storm of performance reviews and a Performance Improvement Plan has been recommended. Our Career Growth Report will help you navigate through a right career match and growth strategies for a successful happy career path.
  • Staying focused allows us to turn every project we complete into something we love.
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How it works

Brainlabs AI Framework Integrates Academics, Behavior, Abilities, guidance, mock-interviews & arranges Interviews for a successful candidate.


Take the Assessment

Know Your skills & with career match to check employability.



Book an appointment for understanding your report, solutions for fixing short comings.


Attend the Interview

As you follow our solutions & practice more tests our AI-tool monitors your performance and arranges interview with the company who is interested in you.


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