Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch

Course Instructor:- Engin Arslan

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Whatsapp Support Course-Length:- 304-Min
Certification Videos:- 45
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Learning how to code can be challenging. It is hard to find good resources that are relevantpractical and engaging at the same time. This course teaches coding from scratch in a visual and beginner-friendly manner using the vastly popular programming language JavaScript and a programming library called p5.js.

The emphasis of the course will be primarily on learning programming using JavaScript and p5.js and secondarily in creating visuals. The main focus is to teach you how to program so that you can choose to pursue whatever field that you would like with your newly established skill set. The skills that you will acquire from this course are highly transferrable and could be used whatever you choose to build; whether web or mobile applications, programmable robots or generative art.

This means that I will provide you with enough context so that you can build a strong foundation for programming. But I also won’t hinder your momentum with irrelevant technical or theoretical points. The aim is to build a strong but a minimum viable knowledge to get you running with coding. This is the course that I wished I had available when I was learning coding myself.

You will be building several useful and fun programs that does animation and visualizations and as a final project, you will be building an interactive game that can be deployed online!

If you are looking to learn coding in a fun and an engaging manner, then this is the course for you!