Managed Extensibility Framework, MEF, from Novice to Guru

Course Instructor:- Eman Ali Mughal

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Whatsapp Support Course-Length:- 344-Min
Certification Videos:- 33
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Managed Extensibility Framework, is a widely used framework which targets not only Dependency Injections in .NET applications but main concentration of this framework is about writing fully extensible software. Developers from all over the world can write plugIns for applications those are developed in MEF. This is very exciting framework, but unfortunately not much developers are aware of this framework. 

So this course is about MEF, I have tried to sum up all the technologies like Console Applications, Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Form, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WEB API, WCF Services, Test Cases and More importantly extended Visual Studio IDE using MEF. 

My target audience can simply write "MEF" or "Managed Extensibility Framework" or MEF with .NET application, in order to find this course. 

I have included Screens Cast Videos explaining coding examples, one article and include 4 to 5 applications along with this course. Students can download those coding examples and application's source code to play around with them and can use freely in their projects.

It took me one and a half month to complete this course, because i was writing coding examples to make students fully understand the concepts.

Course is structured in a well defined way, explaining from the basic concepts and then moving forward towards more deep and more detailed concepts. 

If you are an intermediate .NET developer you should take this course to write fully extensible MEF applications.