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Path towards Learning, Growth and Success

We have carefully chosen an approach to help you achieve your goals

Let Your Skills, Artificial Intelligence and Mentor work to get you a Job

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Seek our experts help on education, career and personal challenges through our online & in-person counselling.

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A quick assessment helps you to know more about your interests and abilities to map a suitable learning path.

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Job Oriented Training

Connect with Global professional experts to learn and build the right skills with practice and ask for any professional help. Access 3500+ courses at an affordable price.

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Workshops And Internships

Join to showcase your skills, involve & engage in solving real business problems for a successful career landing.

Every learning should be rewarding & awarding. Our students get benefits in

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Reaching the TOP in what you do is the ultimate life goal. Our learnings help the students to give their best without getting stressed out. Our career learnings help you in leading a happy career.

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Each course comes with a certification and job seekers automatically receive interview calls from corporates.

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Financial assistance for students in need who face challenges due to dynamic changes in their lives. Also, we let the sponsors be aware of your progress and career readiness.

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Mock-interviews & Job Placements

Oral presentations, expressions & communication skills are vital for interview success and career sustainability. As you make progress in learning, you will keep learning job offers

BrainLabs.AI Advantage

Brainlabs.AI framework integrates Academics, Behavior, Abilities, Guidance, Mock-interviews & arranges interviews for a becoming successful candidate


Artificial Intelligence

AI powered deep intelligence to assess your personality and provide insights into your behaviour, learning styles and abilities.


Big 5 Personality Test

Highly tested and globally used measurement to understand the 5 major dimensions of human personality; Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticm


3,500+ hands on learning programs

World class experiential programs facilitated by industry leaders and academicians providing futuristic skills, knowledge and experience of learning

Assess and choose the right education path for a successful career

To choose the right career, you need to have a strong hold on Abilities, Knowledge, Interests and Skills

Record important developmental periods with goals

  • Outlines a framework of progressive learning across important developmental and transitional periods, ranging from early education to the workplace

Align Academics and career

  • Provides an aligned framework of the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful on the school-through-career continuum

Recognizes a variety of skills

  • An expanded set of knowledge and skills can be used in a variety of ways to structure learning and development opportunities. Develop the skills necessary for college and better career

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Mark McManus

"We are incredibly impressed with Space and how well it supports its customers with amazing products and services. One simple subscription gives you access to all our tools, plus so much more."

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Ultimate experience on all devices

The time has come to bring those ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to visualize your napkin sketches and make them into beautiful pixels. Enhance your brand with easy to use powerful customization features.

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Maria Muszynska

"I love Space! I love the ease of use, I love the fact that I have total creative freedom. The template is really nice and offers quite a large set of options. It's beautiful and the coding is done quickly and seamlessly."


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